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24/7 Monitoring

All Icon Security accounts are monitored by fully trained dispatchers on duty 24-hours a day.

In the event of a power failure, all central station equipment is maintained without interruption by a combination of batteries and generator which exceeds U.L. requirements.

Customer service is our highest priority. Relax knowing that you can depend on our speed, accuracy and reliability in the event of an emergency.

When Seconds Count

For your complete peace of mind, your security system comes with 3 panic buttons that will connect you 24 hours a day with police, fire and emergency medical authorities.

Protection you can count on

Having a home security system installed is just the first half of a secured home or business. When your alarm goes off, the security system sends out a signal to the monitoring station. The operator calls to verify the alarm. If no one answers or the wrong password is given, then we notify the local police department immediately. Without a home security monitoring service, an alarm that is tripped never contacts the police.

Icon Security Systems firmly believes that having a monitored security system is the best solution for keeping your home and business safe. We are proud to offer a variety of monitoring solutions to fit your home, lifestyle, and budget.

How to pick the right monitoring for you

Your alarm system monitoring options include:

  • Digital Alarm Monitoring:  Using a standard telephone line, your panel directly contacts the monitoring station in time of trouble or alarm and dispatches the emergency signal
  • Homepulse Broadband Monitoring: Using your broadband modem or router, your alarm panel contacts the monitoring station.
  • Cellular or Radio Monitoring:  The alarm panel is built with a GSM cellular device that directly contacts the monitoring station in case of trouble or alarm. This is normally used as a back up for the conventional telephone line.
  • IP Monitoring: Signals are sent directly over the internet.