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Love Your Central Vacuum

Vacuuming your home doesn't have to be a drag. With just a light hose to carry, cleaning with a central vacuum System is easier and faster allowing you access to those hard-to-clean areas like stairs, ceiling fans, door and window frames, car interiors, etc.

How Central Vacuums Work

The power unit is usually installed in a utility room or garage. Tubing runs through the attic and walls and connects to inlets conveniently placed throughout your home. To vacuum, simply insert hose into an inlet and the system turns on automatically. The long flexible hose allows you to vacuum from room to room even up and down stairs. Removing the hose turns the system off.

In addition to convenience, central vacuum systems provide other advantages:


Many allergists recommend central vacuum systems because they eliminate the recirculation of germ laden dust (common in regular vacuum cleaners). All the unhealthy air is vented outside where it instantly and harmlessly dissipates, eliminating re-circulation of residual dust on floors, furniture and your lungs, creating a significantly healthier environment for you and your family.


The remote location of the power unit allows the use of higher powered motors in order to increase cleaning efficiency without disrupting normal household activities.


Central vacuum systems cost no more than other conventional high quality vacuum cleaners. As with all built-in appliances, a central vacuum system increases the value of your home and serves as an excellent selling feature.

It’s no wonder that central vacuum systems are one of the most requested appliances by new homeowners today.

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