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Home automation is what it sounds like: providing you the ability to control items around the house—from thermostats to audio/video systems to window shades—with a simple push of a button. Imagine monitoring your home using an interface on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or even panels mounted around the house.

Make your home the perfect sanctuary

Easy to use. All your entertainment and environmental systems are streamlined into one central controller, so you can enjoy your home technology without having to understand it. RTI intelligently manages everything for you, so you just swipe a touch screen or tap a button and RTI serves up whatever you want.

Affordable, peace of mind, security and pleasure are not luxuries reserved only for the privileged. RTI provides the highest level of home entertainment, comfort and convenience for every family, every lifestyle and every budget.

Technology that used to complicate, now delights, and life is once again in harmony. This is the RTI-enabled home: an oasis where your needs are fulfilled through technology; where devices adapt to your needs, rather than the other way around, and a world of pleasures can be summoned – instantly, effortlessly, with a simple touch.

As your home automation contractor, Icon Security Systems will design and install easy-to-use controls that bring all your home systems together.
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