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Integrated wiring

Structured wiring is an organized arrangement of telecom and coaxial cable connections that distribute services throughout the home. It is quickly becoming the new standard by which both home buyers and realtors judge the value of today's and tomorrow’s homes.

A Brave New World

Many new homes now being built are obsolete even before they are sold! Integration is very important. It allows the technology in your home to be used to its highest potential. Immediate benefits include superior quality video reception and improved high speed media communications. More importantly, it prepares your home for future are just some of the exciting options now available to homeowners. Your home entertainment systems can be programmed to talk to each other. comforts. Whole home sound, lighting schemes, computer networking and sophisticated security solutions Sound can come from any source and volume can be controlled at wall stations. The possibilities are endless and available for your home now.

At Icon Security Systems we are always on the cutting edge of technology. Ask us about 3D TV and the iPad integration as a touch screen for your home control. We also recognize
the ever changing needs of our customers and make sure all systems are adaptable for changes and upgrades in the future.

The most important thing is to start with the essentials like phone, cable, satellite television and then includes systems like home automation, home theater, whole house audio, etc. Even if you don’t plan on installing these systems right away, we emphasize that you pre-wire for them so that you have the option in the future.

Is your home up to date?