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Whether you are looking for a HDTV television with a simple surround sound system, or a complete high end home theater room with everything from a large projection screen television, to theater style seating, our professionals can design, customize, and install these systems for you.

Experience the Magic of Home Theater

The world of home entertainment has changed dramatically. Just a few years ago, only a small percentage of households had cable TV, and VCRs were the newest luxury item. “Sound systems” were limited to small speakers built into televisions with screens less than 27 inches.

Today your options are much more varied: Audio video receivers, speaker systems, universal remote controls, Blu-Ray players, AV servers, iPad, home theater seating, lighting, custom racks, user friendly home theater programming, and more!

The possibilities of options and design are endless. Contact the professionals at ICON and bring home the movies. Contact us today for a no-obligation, FREE QUOTE!

Surround Sound

The heart of a home theater system lies in its surround sound. Surround sound is accomplished by placing multiple speakers in critical areas to create a natural surround sound experience.

The most basic type of surround sound system splits a standard stereo signal into three separate channels. Pro Logic systems are a step up giving you rich stereo sound in front and a general sensation of noise behind you. It is the format used in all standard cable and broadcast television.

For richer sound with more channels, new formats and digital broadcasts use various digital surround sound technologies. Digital Theater Sound (DTS) for the home is based on the DTS system found in movie theaters.

The possibilities of options and design are limited only by your imagination. Contact the professionals at Icon and bring home the movies.